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Fighting words

J. Michael Waller’s “Fighting the War of Ideas Like a Real War” is on target [“Word’s worth,” Book Review, May]. To borrow some recent advice in fighting insurgencies, cultural knowledge is a …

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Defending the generals

Argument fails to make case objectively and unemotionally

One of the biggest dangers to anyone who criticizes senior leaders within an organization is to lose objectivity to emotion. This is the primary …

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Glass half empty

Navy critique sees only negatives

In “Lessons Not Learned,” Roger Thompson takes aim at the overconfident U.S. Navy. He says the Navy is a victim of its own hubris. “It’s overconfidence plain …

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The Geezer Brigade

Wartime needs and military retirees

In these years of relentless stress on our understrength Army and Marine Corps, one pool of talent foolishly goes unexploited: military retirees, the “Geezer Brigade,” those of …

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What friends are for

Plain speaking from a staunch ally

Which foreign nation has most often been a partner in arms with the U.S. over the past 90 years? Few Americans realize that it is Australia, …

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Illogical logistics

From those associated with big government and centralized cultures we get top-down solutions. Richard May makes a number of salient points and raises issues that have not been discussed enough at the …

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For politicizing the issue of when and how photographs of wounded American troops can be published. New rules now being imposed on photographers embedded with American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan require …

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Protecting the chief

Keeping Pace was not an option in war-wary Washington

President Bush pulled the plug on Gen. Peter Pace to avoid what Defense Secretary Robert Gates described as a “quite contentious” renomination hearing. …

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Flashpoint: Venezuelan vagaries

Chavez is flush with oil money and eager to spend it on weapons

If you think the passing of Cuban President Fidel Castro — the larger-than-life leader of the anti-Yanqui, Latin left …

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