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Searching for a strategy

The very core of the Navy’s transformation is Sea Power 21. The Navy is making a major effort to create a new maritime strategy, to be formally completed in June. Perhaps it …

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In this issue

“We need to stop getting smaller,” Adm. Mike Mullen, chief of naval operations, said last year as he unveiled a plan to build a 313-ship fleet by 2020 that centers on 11 …

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Blue beret

Irregular warfare is a nightmare. It is underhanded, vicious, cruel, thankless and interminable. Like the undead or those characters in sci-fi films that reconstitute themselves after being blown apart, the enemy keeps …

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Beyond the surge

An Iraq plan should be in place now for what comes next

Strategists have long agreed with Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower: "Plans are nothing; planning is everything." Our new plan in Iraq, …

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Reality check

God bless ralph Peters! Agree or no, his thought-provoking reality checks based on common sense and real history spark the discussions needed to get key leadership to actually, well, think.

If you …

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A working plan

Hope isn’t the only strategy for Afghanistan

As the ice melts in the Hindu Kush mountains this year, all parties know that the informal truce forced by winter is being lifted and …

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Iran emboldened

Tehran seeks to dominate Middle East politics

With the creeping possibility of a nuclear breakout, its vigorous sponsorship of international terrorism and its escalating intervention next door in Iraq, the Islamic Republic …

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Who are loading local-interest add-ons to the Iraq war funding bill. Even as they protest against the war, Democrats are tacking on to the $100 billion war supplemental bill requests for aid …

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Think backward, plan forward

Anthology of case studies provides starting point for strategic planning

The future remains an enigma wrapped in familiar myths and all-too-comfortable illusions. One can try to predict the future, but prognosticating is …

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Own the blue water

“Partner in the brown water; secure the green water; own the blue water,” is a colorful new Navy mantra. It refers to the need to work closely with other nations to operate …

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