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Mind maneuvers

The psychological element of counterinsurgency warfare can be the most persuasive

T. E. Lawrence was not the first irregular warfare theorist, but he was the first practitioner to note that the cognitive …

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Wanted: occupation doctrine

The Army has to write it now — for next time

Together, the Army and Marines shoulder the combat duties in Iraq, supported by the other services. But the primary burden of …

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Power struggle

Washington’s war over Iraq is also a constitutional debate

George W. Bush "is the president of the United States, not the king of the United States," Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., declared. "He …

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Sea Power

As the Navy fine-tunes its new maritime strategy, scheduled for public release this summer, the temptation is to make Sea Power 21 its foundation. But Naval War College professor Milan Vego shows …

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Joint architecture for unmanned systems will commonize the fields to bring standards as close together as possible. In the near term, we’re all working to harmonize as much as we can.”

Webster’s says you can communalize, but you can’t commonize.

Send nonword nominations to Jack Wittman at …

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A lonely voice of reason in Congress’ increasingly self-serving ballyhoo over Iraq.

Calling for a truce in the Washington political war, Lieberman crafts an appeal that is grounded in common sense, raised …

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Why the military can’t do it all

Where are the other instruments of power?

Our nation was founded on the principle of civilian control of the military, but an imbalance has developed that tends to overemphasize military capabilities as …

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For unanimously passing a concurrent resolution that recommends the creation of a national Medal of Honor Day. The resolution would make March 25 a day to celebrate and remember the more than …

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