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War strategy

Can a plan to leave Iraq put Democrats in office?

In 1952, candidate Dwight Eisenhower made a vague promise to end the Korean War, and it got him elected president. In 1968, …

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Air power

It is a quintessentially American way of war. Over the past decade, new technologies have seemed to further fulfill the visions of air power theorists. Yet, new adversaries have adapted. As Lt. …

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Searching for the next B-52

The Air Force owes its existence to the strategic bombing mission. The rise of American air power from obscurity to independence during the first half of the 20th century can be attributed …

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Countering chaos

A Marine Corps general’s strategy for peace in an unstable world

Retired Gen. Tony Zinni is the proverbial E.F. Hutton of defense advice. When he speaks, people tend to listen — and …

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To Britain’s Labour Party

Which is beside itself because the government of Prime Minister Tony Blair — a Labour member himself, lest we forget — is permitting the U.S. to resupply the Israel Defense Forces with …

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To Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England

For helping to advance the process of clarifying U.S. law regarding those detained in the global war on terrorism. To be sure, the Bush administration has been slow to engage with Congress …

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The fallacy behind Ralph Peters’ new Middle East map

The fallacy behind Ralph Peters’ new Middle East map is the presumption that there is something the U.S. can do to make the Middle East accept U.S. domination [“Blood borders: How a …

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War birds

Soldiers keep tabs on Iraq’s wildlife

The story of the soldier has long been one of suffering seemingly endless boredom interrupted by bouts of extreme danger and stress.

In that light, one …

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To Leslie Gelb

Former head of the Council on Foreign Relations, and Sen. Joseph Biden, for continuing to promote the idea of partitioning Iraq. The two advanced the notion in a May newspaper column, but …

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The hearts-and-minds myth

Sorry, but winning means killing

Mastering the languages, cultural nuances, beliefs and taboos that prevail in a theater of war, area of operations or tactical environment is vital to military success. It’s …

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