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October 13, 2013  

1962: Ruggedized computing

The Librascope L-2010. (Photo taken from a 1963 survey of computing devices for Aberdeen Proving Grounds.)

From the archive: October 13, 1962

Portable Computer Figures At AUSA

A small, high-capacity, generalpurpose digital computer for use in a wide range of rugged military applications was introduced by General Precision’s Librascope Division at the AUSA Meeting in Washington, D.C.

Called the L-2010, the portable computer has a magnetic-disk memory capacity of 4,096 words, weighs 60 pounds, and measures 2 cubic feet in volume — approximately the size of a small suitcase. It is priced in the $40,000 range. [Editor’s note: that’s north of $300,000 today.]

Librascope President W.E. Bratton said the solid-state L-2010 “is designed to provide military users with a fast, economical computer to handle the growing number of dataprocessing and computing tasks that were once considered either too costly to solve with larger, existing computers or too complex for small, general-purpose computers.”