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August 9, 2013  

1941: The Navy bulks up

USS San Diego (CL-53) slides down the shipways during her launching at the Bethlehem Steel Company shipyard, Quincy, Massachusetts, 26 July 1941. (Naval Historical Center)

From the archives: August 9, 1941

[Editor’s note: Five months before Pearl Harbor, the U.S. Navy was already adding ships by the day. This Naval Historical Center photo shows USS San Diego (CL-53) being launched at the Bethlehem Steel Company shipyard in Quincy, Massachusetts, on July 26, 1941.]

Naval construction — The Navy department announced this week that thirty-four new vessels, destined to join United States’ rapidly growing two-ocean navy, were launched by public and private shipyards in the month of July. Over the same period, sixty-three new keels were laid. A breakdown on these figures, including motor torpedo boats and “district” craft, but not including landing boats and other small boats, follows:

Ships launched: one light cruiser, the USS San Diego; three destroyers, the USS Bristol, the USS Ellyson, and USS Corry; one submarine, the USS Flying Fish; five coastal minesweepers, the USS Barbet, the USS Tapacola, the USS Turaco, the USS Agressor [sic], and the USS Governor; three submarine chasers; six motor torpedo boats; one covered lighter; six net tenders; two gate vessels; two seaplane wrecking derricks; and for harbor tugs…