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Judge raps NSA | Top 100 influencers | Terror stats

A U.S. District Court judge finds that the NSA’ phone metadata gathering appears to violate the Fourth Amendment prohibition on unreasonable searches and seizures. (Politico)

Defense News has a list of the …

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1941: The day before Pearl Harbor

Calm before the storm: This detail from Army and Navy Journal's front page of Dec. 6, 1941, shows  U.S. Navy leaders in the Pacific, including Adm. Husband Kimmel, who would be blamed for the Japanese attack and removed from command 10 days later.

From the archive: December 6, 1941

Editor’s note: The day before Japanese warplanes surprised U.S. defenders at Pearl Harbor, the Army and Navy Journal published its last pre-war issue. Looking back, one …

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ADIZ, heating up | An 8-boomer fleet? | Launch “codes”

The ADIZ saga continues. China sends its own military jets up to check on U.S. and Japanese planes flying through the newly declared Air Defense Identification Zone over the East China Sea. …

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1987: A battleship for the 21st century

Vice Admiral Mike Metcalf's dream dreadnought looks a lot like the Arsenal Ship proposed in the mid-1990s.

From AFJ’s archive: November 1987

Editor’s note: Non-ship geeks may best recall Adm. Joseph “Mike” Metcalf III as the guy who in October 1983 “was given less than two days to plan …

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Army warms to cellphones | Acquisition reform, take 27 | UCLASS, up in the air

At the Army’s Senior Leader Seminar, frustrated generals were talking openly about moving more battlefield communications from DoD networks to commercial ones. Besides availability and reliability, security has been the main bugaboo. …

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Krusinski acquitted | Fat Leonard’s rap sheet | Failure in Abbottabad?

Air Force Lt. Col. Jeffrey Krusinski, who was accused of drunkenly groping a woman’s buttocks outside a bar, was found not guilty of assault and battery by an Arlington County, Va., jury …

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‘Get it right quickly’ | What is al Qaeda? | Navy, space leader

Daniel P. Bolger, a retired Army lieutenant general, writes about a military’s duty during times of uncertain peace. “The best the U.S. Army — or any military — can do is try …

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How to think about DoD’s budget choices | Split NSA/CyberCom? | CBO on USN

How to think about DoD’s budget choices | Split NSA/CyberCom? | CBO on USN

CSBA’s Harrison: Budget proposals on the table ignore BCA caps — and history.

CSBA’s Todd Harrison crunched the numbers and found that, if history is any guide, the budget levels prescribed under …

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1962: Double the fleet!

The guided-missile frigate USS Dale is readied for launching at Camden, N.J., in 1962.

From the archive: October 6, 1962

Shipbuilding Program Must Be Doubled

Navy shipbuilding programs must be doubled if the U.S. Fleet is to maintain present strength and carry out assigned roles in …

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1870: Lower the flag, consul

Kalama, Queen Consort of Kamehameha III, 1817-1870.

From the archive: ca. 5 October 1870

The daily papers publish a dispatch from San Francisco which states, on the authority of some anonymous correspondent at Honolulu, that Commander [William T.] Truxton, of the sloop-of-war Jamestown, requested Consul [Thomas] …

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