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Stalin’s successor is teaching

Russian tanks roll on a street in Tskhinvali, Georgia, in 2008.  (Photo: AFP / Viktor Drachev)

Americans should learn

By Douglas Macgregor

President Obama warns that if Russia intervenes with military power to crush the new Ukrainian government in Kiev there will be a cost. Yet it’s hard …

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Seduced by success

An Afghanistan tour can be tough duty, but it's not the kind of force-on-force combat that keeps upper-echelon leaders sharp, the author argues. (Army photo/Lt. j.g. Matthew Stroup)

Daniel L. Davis

“Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose. And it’s an unreliable guide to the future.” – Bill Gates, “The Road Ahead”

Conventional …

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1866: Ode to the quartermaster

Petersburg, Va.: Part of Quartermaster Department, 1st Division, 9th Corps, in November 1863

Editor’s note: The following was part of the Journal’s approving response to a proposal by General Ulysses S. Grant to reorganize the Army’s quartermasters and lessen their responsibilities.

From the archive: January …

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Judge raps NSA | Top 100 influencers | Terror stats

A U.S. District Court judge finds that the NSA’ phone metadata gathering appears to violate the Fourth Amendment prohibition on unreasonable searches and seizures. (Politico)

Defense News has a list of the …

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Sex-assault double standard

Sex-assault double standard

DART to Army Secretary John McHugh for creating a corrosive double standard.

Faced with an angry Congress demanding that military leaders curb the epidemic of sex assaults in the ranks, McHugh has …

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ADIZ, all the time | A new Washington Conference | Gaming the future Army

As Robert Farley tweeted, “An entire book on diplomatic messaging could be devoted to the ADIZ/B-52 incident.” Here’s the piece you need to read: Rory Medcalf (“it is important to be clear …

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Flaws in ‘Personnel’ | What is al Qaeda now? | Army’s tough choices

Jonathan Rue applauds Andrew Tilghman’s attempt to cast a critical eye on DoD leaders’ claims about “unsustainable personnel costs,” but says the article has several major flaws. (War On The Rocks)

On …

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Army warms to cellphones | Acquisition reform, take 27 | UCLASS, up in the air

At the Army’s Senior Leader Seminar, frustrated generals were talking openly about moving more battlefield communications from DoD networks to commercial ones. Besides availability and reliability, security has been the main bugaboo. …

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The “Readiness” Roller Coaster

By Paul McCleary

In multiple trips to Capitol Hill this fall, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno has painted a stark picture of the future of the nation’s ground force.

Under …

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How to think about DoD’s budget choices | Split NSA/CyberCom? | CBO on USN

How to think about DoD’s budget choices | Split NSA/CyberCom? | CBO on USN

CSBA’s Harrison: Budget proposals on the table ignore BCA caps — and history.

CSBA’s Todd Harrison crunched the numbers and found that, if history is any guide, the budget levels prescribed under …

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