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Senkakus = Berlin? | The Army’s weak arguments | “Invisible” Hagel

Posted by Bradley Peniston

Interesting parallels: “The Senkaku Islands as Cold War Berlin” by Zachary Keck (The Diplomat)

“The Army is fighting a budget battle by pretending it’s fighting a strategy battle,” …

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When carriers no longer trump | Fighting over COIN | Imagining a new A-10

What happens when a carrier strike group is no longer the ultimate trump card? Robert Haddick says that puts a big hole in our habitual thinking about crisis management. (War On The …

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Global experiment | Shutter ONA? | Year of the Carrier

Dan Drezner has a great post bringing together much of the world’s reaction to the GOP-engineered shutdown/debt-ceiling fight. We are, he argues, about to see “whether incipient U.S. rivals will start making …

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Are we winning? | Split NSA and CyberCom | Civil-military tension

At a conference on “assessing war” — that is, determining whether you’re winning or losing — Mark Stout found himself longing not for the hard drive with 47 terabytes of data on …

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Cyber war debate | Joint force C2 | AFRICOM to U.S.?

On Monday, Brookings hosted a great panel around Thomas Rid’s “Cyber War Will Not Take Place.” Here’s BreakingDefense’s writeup, here’s Brookings’ uncorrected transcript, and here’s the audio recording in podcast form.

Brit …

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