1991: How it feels to fly the F-117

An F-117 Nighthawk taxis down the runway before its flight during the Holloman Air and Space Expo at Holloman Air Force Base, N.M., Oct. 27, 2007.

From the archive: November 1991

Editor’s note: The RAF’s Squadron Leader Chris Topham climbed into the Nighthawk’s cockpit in April 1991.

UK Pilot Takes “Psychology Lesson” at Controls of F-117A Stealth Fighter

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China’s ADIZ Is a symptom; Here’s a cure

On Nov. 25, two B-52s flew through China's newly declared ADIZ. Here, a B-52 takes off from Guam in 2007. (USAF)

By Mark E. Rosen

China’s recent declaration that aircraft flying over a large swath of nearby ocean now must report in to Beijing added new heat to the warming political kettle of …

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ADIZ, heating up | An 8-boomer fleet? | Launch “codes”

The ADIZ saga continues. China sends its own military jets up to check on U.S. and Japanese planes flying through the newly declared Air Defense Identification Zone over the East China Sea. …

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ADIZ, all the time | A new Washington Conference | Gaming the future Army

As Robert Farley tweeted, “An entire book on diplomatic messaging could be devoted to the ADIZ/B-52 incident.” Here’s the piece you need to read: Rory Medcalf (“it is important to be clear …

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Flaws in ‘Personnel’ | What is al Qaeda now? | Army’s tough choices

Jonathan Rue applauds Andrew Tilghman’s attempt to cast a critical eye on DoD leaders’ claims about “unsustainable personnel costs,” but says the article has several major flaws. (War On The Rocks)

On …

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Iranian deal | China’s tailored coersion | Still ‘Eating us alive’?

The weekend’s big news was the late-night negotiations that led to a six-month deal that, essentially, relaxes sanctions on Iran in exchange for a six-month moratorium on uranium enrichment. The deal drew …

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1987: A battleship for the 21st century

Vice Admiral Mike Metcalf's dream dreadnought looks a lot like the Arsenal Ship proposed in the mid-1990s.

From AFJ’s archive: November 1987

Editor’s note: Non-ship geeks may best recall Adm. Joseph “Mike” Metcalf III as the guy who in October 1983 “was given less than two days to plan …

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1948: Crashing B-17s, deliberately

The aircraft that crashed in 1948 were far from the only B-17s modified to fly without onboard crew. Here, four QB-17s of the 1st Experimental Guided Missiles Group fly over New Mexico in April 1946.

From the archive: November 20, 1948

5 Bombers To Be Ditched

Five Air Force radio-controlled “drone” B-17s, the Flying Fortress of World War II, will be crash landed in the waters of …

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Army warms to cellphones | Acquisition reform, take 27 | UCLASS, up in the air

At the Army’s Senior Leader Seminar, frustrated generals were talking openly about moving more battlefield communications from DoD networks to commercial ones. Besides availability and reliability, security has been the main bugaboo. …

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Fill DoD posts faster

Fill DoD posts faster

DART to the Obama administration for being slow to fill important senior Defense Department posts. When Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter steps down next month after five grinding years as DoD’s chief …

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