Back to ‘Back to Reality’ | Redefining just war | Turkey’s Chinese defenses

Proceedings has a thoughtful response to “Back to Reality: Why Land Power Trumps in the National Rebalance Toward Asia” (AFJ, May 2013).

At the new Just Security site, David Luban argues that …

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Sequester forever? | Lessons from Mogadishu | USAF readiness

The GOP fight to delay Obamacare has sapped efforts to eliminate sequester cuts. (The Hill)

On the 20th anniversary of the Battle of Mogadishu, Benjamin Runkle draws up a list of lessons …

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Are we winning? | Split NSA and CyberCom | Civil-military tension

At a conference on “assessing war” — that is, determining whether you’re winning or losing — Mark Stout found himself longing not for the hard drive with 47 terabytes of data on …

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DoD & the shutdown | Too big to manage | Navy’s missing strategy

Welcome to the shutdown. In case you missed it, here’s a look at how the military is to respond. (Defense News, Andrew Tilghman)

Meanwhile, the world keeps spinning. @FAScientists tweets: “To fix …

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End CoComs | AQ version 3.0 | Did Fox exaggerate?

Cato’s Benjamin H. Friedman and MIT professor emeritus Harvey M. Sapolsky take note of a proposal to trim the number of DoD combatant commands from six to four — and argue that’s …

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Troops cut in Afghanistan | Al-Qaeda is back | Gov shutdown approaches

Roughly 12,000 troops have been pulled out of Afghanistan in the last several months, part of a shift in strategy away from regular combat and toward a support role.  The reduction in …

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A-10 fight | Civ-mil tension | Korean stealth strategy

Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., decided that the confirmation process for a new Air Force secretary is a good time to fight the potential mothballing of the A-10.  Ayotte’s office decided to put …

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Pentagon savings tips | History of wargames | Obama doctrine

The Stimson Center took a crack at finding savings in the Pentagon’s budget that would help the agency manage the budget squeeze.  Their conclusion: Focus on cutting benefits and slowing some weapons …

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ASB gets underway | Response to Fox | War in brief

Michael Hoffman and Kris Osborn report that “Navy and Air Force personnel with the AirSea Battle office are in the early phases of putting some substance to the concept.” (DoD Buzz via …

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China copying drones | Afghanistan command shift | Tech vs. men

The onslaught of cyber attacks out of China isn’t new, but it seems the targets are becoming more focused.  A coordinated effort to steal design data on US drones has been in …

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