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Time to think

America has a can-do military, by tradition and inclination, and so when the combatant commanders ask for assets, the service chiefs and their forces provide. But more than a decade of war, …

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Armor: Key to the future fight

Mobility, protection and precision firepower are a winning combination

Increasing fiscal constraints, perceived changes in the character and capabilities of future adversaries, and the national strategic shift to the Asian-Pacific lead some …

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An unnecessary success

France’s Mali intervention could have been avoided

From most perspectives, France’s recent intervention in Mali has been wildly successful. Within days of their arrival in January, French forces turned back al-Qaida-led fighters …

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Shedding fat

To Leon Panetta for proposing a mini-BRAC.

Wisely is it said, “Let no crisis go to waste.” The defense secretary’s recent announcement that DoD’s 2014 budget proposal will include a new round …

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Rapid responding

To the Army for working to move the Rapid Equipping Force into the base budget.

Army acquisition has taken its lumps in recent years — among other things, for wasting more than …

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Rebuilding the Army — again

Lessons and warnings from the post-Vietnam era

By 1973, when the last U.S. troops departed Vietnam, the Army was close to collapse. Widespread opposition to the war, indiscipline in the ranks and …

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Counseling crisis

Today’s Air Force chaplains struggle to reach airmen

Once upon a time, our Air Force chaplains knew every face in their units and could call out many airmen by their first names. …

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Medicine and the GWOT

edicine is the only victor in war,” said Dr. William Mayo, and the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are no exceptions. It is time to view through a health-care perspective the …

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Second-rate rhetoric

To Leon Panetta, for going overboard in his anti-sequestration rhetoric.

No one in the armed forces wants the cuts that will follow if the nation falls off the fiscal cliff. Recent memos …

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The once and future insurgent

Irregular warfare is nothing new, and always difficult

As America enters what is now the 12th year of the “decade of war,” it is time to assess that experience and learn what …

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