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The Army is shrinking, its mission set expanding — it’s the very incarnation of “do more with less.”

Yet this was inevitable after a decade of war and soaring defense budgets, and …

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Targeting insider attacks

To Maj. Gen. Tony Thomas, senior commander for Special Operations forces in Afghanistan, for temporarily halting the training of local forces amid the recent spate of green-on-blue violence.

It can’t have been …

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Five imperatives for an Army in transition

Facing new realities after a decade of war

The Army finds itself in a period of profound organizational, operational and fiscal transition. How shall it process the campaigns of the past decade, …

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Small devices and big data

How to bring intelligence to the tactical edge

In Iraq, U.S. forces who recovered computers used by al-Qaida consistently found Google Maps information on them. Insurgents were using the same databases as …

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Air Force Cyber Vision 2025

Assuring the advantage in air, space and cyberspace

Assured cyberspace is a foundation for global vigilance, global reach and global power. Essential to all Air Force missions, cyberspace is a domain in …

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Fiscal foolishness

To Mitt Romney for trotting out that hoary canard: a goal of setting a floor of 4 percent of GDP for defense.

A serious approach to national defense is based upon analysis …

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New world disorder

The U.S. must prepare for an era of unprecedented change

The war colleges are given to teaching that the development of strategy is simply the aligning of resources to reach national goals …

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A long war in the shadows

The future of U.S. counterterrorism

The United States is emerging from a brutal decade of ground warfare in the Middle East and South Asia with powerful new tools to wage counterinsurgency warfare …

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Armor‘s asymmetric advantage

Why a smaller Army needs mobile protected firepower

As the U.S. leaves two wars behind and adjusts its military to face an uncertain future, some question the need for the Army to …

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Redrawing the COCOM map

How to make the combatant commands more effective

Every two years, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff reviews the Unified Command Plan that defines the roles of the combatant commands. …

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