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In this issue: September 2012

We kick off this issue with some great news: AFJ has been recognized for general excellence as a Top 10 Magazine of the Year by The Association of Business Publication Editors. AFJ …

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Don’t panic

To Raytheon CEO Bill Swanson for keeping his head when many others are losing theirs over sequestration. His peers and industry allies are not wrong when they say that Congress’ apparent inability …

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The inappropriate metaphor

Comparing AirSea Battle to AirLand Battle rests on faulty logic

Metaphors stress similarities of logic but mask differences. In introducing its AirSea Battle concept in May 2010, the Center for Strategic and …

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No time to go wobbly in Afghanistan

Focus on stability, not exit deadlines

In a parody of Army Gen. David Petraeus’ famous assessment of progress in Afghanistan — “fragile and reversible” — the transition process there is fragile and …

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4-star accommodations

To Gen. William ‘Kip’ ward who, according to a DoD inspector general report, turned his posting as Africa Command’s first commander into a grab bag of free travel and goodies for himself …

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Punching above their weight

How four small European navies can support U.S. strategic rebalance

The U.S. admires certain nations for their willingness to be involved in crises and contingency operations, but we rarely challenge them to …

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Joint duty reservists

Cmdr. Benjamin Griffeth’s letter to the editor, “Reserve needs joint path, too” [February], said: “[T]he states’ Joint Force Headquarters only benefits the National Guard, as there is no reserve counterpart to this …

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Understanding the threat

Maj. Mark Jacobsen’s well-laid-out plan in “How to Teach About Islam” [July/August] misses a basic point: We, as members of different departments of our government, in order to protect and defend the …

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The Case for Optionally Manned Aircraft

Future-proofing the Air Force’s next bomber

Purely manned or purely unmanned aircraft possess various inherent advantages and limitations. A manned aircraft can be used in contested environments where command-and-control is limited, autonomy …

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Hyping ASB

How Air-Sea Battle undermines our grand strategy

In the intervening year since I expressed my concerns regarding Air-Sea Battle (ASB) in these pages, a cottage industry has formed to assure citizens, friends …

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