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The alternative to long war

Air power, special ops can deliver a punishing blow

The recent discussions in the defense and general media about stresses on our military personnel and the increasing calls among members of Congress …

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The militarization of the presidency

The danger of conflating military and civilian values

“Poor Ike,” President Harry Truman is reported to have mused in 1952, as he contemplated the prospect of Gen. Dwight Eisenhower succeeding him in …

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Call it PTSI

TO RETIRED GEN. PETER CHIARELLI for his battle to get America’s psychiatric community to rename a signature injury of the recent wars. Instead of post-traumatic stress disorder, Chiarelli wants to call it …

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Secret weapons & cyberwar

History shows the promise and limits of hidden capabilities

By Ravi Hichkad and Christopher Bowie

For most people, the phrase “secret weapon” usually brings to mind some state-of-the-art gadget that wowed them …

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In this issue: June 2012

What do the Japanese Long Lance torpedo, the F-117 Nighthawk and the atom bomb have in common? They were developed in secrecy, concealed until their first combat deployment, and used, at least …

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Air-Sea Battle: Clearing the fog

The goal is to ensure all forces can get to the fight

Recent articles about Air-Sea Battle reflect misperceptions about this new operational concept. These may have been fostered by the fact …

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Fuel folly

TO HOUSE REPUBLICANS for attempting to shut down the Navy’s biofuel efforts. By forbidding DoD to make or buy any alternative fuel that costs more than a “traditional” fossil fuel, the House …

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IED data debate

Although filled with passion and zeal based on their experience in Iraq, Navy Lts. Deak C. Childress and John G. Taylor miscategorized the Combined Information Data Network Exchange [“A better way to …

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Off course on Islam

TO GEN. MARTIN DEMPSEY for pulling the plug on a Joint Forces Staff College course that taught “Islam had already declared war on the West” and, as reported by Wired’s Danger Room, …

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PowerPoint: You’re doing it wrong

For persuasive presentations, try this alternative approach

We love to hate PowerPoint, but we keep using it. The criticisms of Microsoft’s ubiquitous presentation tool are serious: that it weakens the quality of …

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