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The Navy’s submarine fleet is a key component of America’s ability to project power overseas. In an era of tighter budgets, however, some observers have advocated supplementing the all-nuclear submarine fleet with …

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Plain speaking

To the soldiers who are wringing needless acronyms and jargon from the upcoming edition of the Army’s Field Manual 1-02, the service’s dictionary of operational terms and graphics.

“There is no reason …

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Growing up

Toward a new maturity in civil-military relations

What if U.S. troops were used — and acquiesced in being used — to conduct extrajudicial targeted assassinations inside the sovereign territory of another country …

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Projecting power

The case for maintaining an all-nuclear submarine fleet

Defense analysts periodically propose a mix of nuclear and conventionally powered submarines to increase U.S. undersea force structure. They argue that conventional submarines (SSKs) …

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Debt debacle

To congressional Republicans for turning a medium-term problem into an immediate crisis by threatening to block efforts to raise the debt ceiling.

When a bloc of House lawmakers demanded spending cuts in …

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Essay: A strategist remembered

Shalikashvili was both soldier and statesman

Nearly all of the obituaries for Gen. John Shalikashvili, who died July 23 at age 75, have stressed his humanity, sterling character and fascinating life story. …

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The failed secretary

Gates’ lack of strategic vision weakened the Defense Department

Despite the near-universal praise Robert Gates received as secretary of defense, a systematic consideration of his tenure reveals a persistent record of failure. …

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Air-Sea Battle

An operational concept looking for a strategy

The Air-Sea Battle concept (ASB) has garnered significant attention since its public offering by the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments in May 2010. Independent …

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Playing with money

Budget-based war games would foster critical thinking

To improve military acquisition, save precious defense dollars and get war fighters the tools they need to win our nation’s conflicts, we need a new …

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Concerned chairman

To Adm. Mike Mullen for showing unusual concern for his troops while serving as chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

Mullen, who wraps up his second and final term as chairman this month, …

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