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2030 vision

Air Force strategy study looks to long-term critical capabilities

With the end of the Cold War, the Air Force, like its sister services, faced a fundamental challenge to its raison d’être. While …

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Eliminating excess

TO DEFENSE SECRETARY ROBERT GATES for the principle of what his Efficiency Initiatives Decisions memo seeks to achieve. Reducing duplication, overhead and excess across the Defense Department is not just desirable, it’s …

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The next revolution

Those who launch revolutions in the modern era usually offer grand slogans as the reason for the revolt. Still, whether it was the American populace demanding the end of King George III’s …

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Developing better relations

The Obama administration has made improving relations with Russia one of its main foreign policy goals and its efforts have borne fruit and put U.S.-Russia relations on a positive footing for the …

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Helo, goodbye

Replacing legacy helicopters requires a technology leap

The OH-58 Kiowa Warrior has been in Army service since 1969. For a helicopter approaching a half-century of service, you’d think it would be nearing …

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