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Fix combat ID

It’s time to commit to funding a fratricide solution

In the spring of 2003, as U.S. troops fought the decisive battles that led to the fall of Saddam Hussein, they also battled …

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The humble leader

Servant leadership can be a powerful asset in the military

In the fall of 2009, the National Defense University (NDU) participated in a quantitative research study to determine the level of servant …

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The advisory role

Training, assisting foreign forces must remain central to Army doctrine

Like the Swamp Thing of comic book legend, proposals to break Army force structures into “heavy war” and “light war” forces keep …

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Diplomatic response

TO AFGHANISTAN PRESIDENT HAMID KARZAI for his surprisingly cool-headed and pragmatic response to WikiLeaks’ embarrassing diplomatic cable disclosures. Among the secret cables made public were less-than-complimentary comments about Karzai by U.S. ambassador …

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A new approach

Using the Army Guard and Reserve as an operational force

Over the past nine years, the performance and conduct of the soldiers in the Army National Guard and Army Reserve have been …

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In this issue

Whether you say tomayto or tomahto, you’ll likely be aware that things ain’t too great in Britain right now. The new government is grappling with tough choices brought about by dire economic …

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Foolish filibuster

TO THE SENATE for failing to pass the 2011 defense authorization bill. The Republican minority was so fixated on preventing a “don’t ask, don’t tell” repeal that they filibustered the entire 2011 …

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Maintaining the triad

U.S. bomber force needs a new nuclear cruise missile

Does the U.S. want to maintain a credible bomber leg of the triad of nuclear delivery systems? With little high-level debate, this question …

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The nation-states we have

Yemen and other troubled countries require a new diplomatic model

Ever since the Treaties of Westphalia in 1648, the nation-state has played a central role in the conduct of international relations. Each …

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Officer accountability

TO AIR FORCE SECRETARY MICHAEL DONLEY AND CHIEF OF STAFF GEN. NORTON SCHWARTZ for putting action behind their word when they pledged early in their tenures to hold accountable those who fail …

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