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An ally diminished

TO THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT for proposing defense spending cuts that send ominous signals to its coalition partners. The White House, Pentagon and State Department rushed to put an optimistic face on their …

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Think different

Information-age warfare demands new approaches to ISR structures

When we first took to the air, it wasn’t to attack, it was to gather. It was to find. Both the Union and Confederate …

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COIN’S Real debate

I agree with very much of what Nadia Schadlow has written [“A False Dichotomy,” September AFJ]. The COIN versus “high-intensity only” choice is a great academic debate, but in reality, commanders and …

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In this issue

An army might march on its stomach, but it moves on fossil fuels.

Indeed, hydrocarbons permit our armed forces to drive, fly, sail, fight, train and operate. And while all of the …

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Goodbye, JFCOM

The command’s time has passed; some roles should be maintained

Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ decision to close down Joint Forces Command is certainly not a done deal — yet. The secretary, who …

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