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Flashpoint: Yemen: Who knew?

A not-so-new terrorism trouble spot

In the days after the foiled Christmas Day attack on a Detroit-bound airliner, some were quick to call for a new front in the war on terror, …

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Google vs. China

TO GOOGLE for its faceoff with China over cyber attacks. Google senior management took the highly unusual step in January of telling China it would no longer continue censoring its results on …

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What civil-military crisis?

More than 15 years after Gen. Colin Powell’s tour as chairman of the Joint Chiefs, pundits and scholars are again worried about cocky generals “playing politics.” For his decisive outspokenness, some critics …

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Essay: The lone wolf and his pack

Friends and colleagues are our best pointers to an extremist

The term “lone wolf” was popularized in the 1990s to refer to an extremist who acts alone to avoid incriminating others. American …

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Pregnant pause

TO MAJ. GEN. ANTHONY CUCOLO for his well-intentioned but poorly thought-out directive to court-martial any soldier in his command who gets pregnant or who impregnates a fellow soldier. Not surprisingly, Cucolo was …

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Essay: One size doesn’t fit all

A universal carrier is not the combat vehicle our ground forces need

In “A vehicle for modern times [December/January AFJ],” by retired Maj. Gen. Robert Scales, the call for a Ground Combat …

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Fifth sense

Advanced fighters are not the whole answer to air power challenges

Retired Col. Thomas Ehrhard, in his Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments study “An Air Force Strategy for the Long Haul,” …

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In this issue

Our cover story this month touches a nerve that has pulsated, barely hidden, through the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq: The health and robustness of our civil-military relations. Public support for the …

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An alternative to COIN

It’s time to adapt our security strategy to leverage America’s conventional strengths

The U.S. military is a dominant fighting force, capable of rapid global power projection and able to defeat state adversaries …

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Dover haven

TO THE AIR FORCE for establishing a center at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware where families can wait to receive the remains of loved ones killed in war. Every service member …

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