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A dangerous ban

Obama is right to be wary of signing the land mine treaty

A recent report indicated that President Barack Obama had finally made an important security policy-related decision — on whether his …

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The need for NATO

European security and stability remain the alliance’s top priority

The Alma battlefield in Crimea is a bleak ridge that rises from a long and bare plain cut by the Alma River. Here, …

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Forum pick: From our online discussion boards

This article is evidence of the alarming misunderstanding that permeates much of the thinking about maritime domain awareness. Their argument is that these bad actors will exploit the free-access to systems to …

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Loophole lunacy

TO ARMY CHIEF OF STAFF GEN. GEORGE CASEY for bypassing ethics laws so the Army could rehire two retired generals as mentors on lucrative contracts. Records show that the Army wanted to …

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The danger of déjà vu

During the past year, we have seen our U.S. national security establishment ponder the question of what to do next in Afghanistan. With the January inauguration, a new president became commander in …

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