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No legacy fighters

TO AIR FORCE CHIEF OF STAFF GEN. NORTON SCHWARTZ for emphatically ending industry-prompted media speculation that the service wants to buy more F-15s or F-16s to fill the coming “fighter gap.” Schwartz …

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AFJ 2009 essay contest

AFJ is running its second annual essay contest. Submit an essay of no longer than 1,500 words on a PowerPoint presentation that most affected your career — for good or bad. The …

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Rights runaround

TO CONGRESSMAN MIKE ROGERS for trying to stir up a White House-is-soft-on-terrorists scare over detainees in Afghanistan being read their Miranda rights. The Michigan Republican handed a report to the media saying …

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Transition strategy: A new Gitmo

Don’t close Guantanamo; transform it

By Beltway standards, it was high drama. Fresh from his first rebuff by congressional Democrats over closing the detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, an embattled President …

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In this issue

Preparations for next year’s Quadrennial Defense Review collide with a split in thinking over what the post-Iraq war threats will be — insurgencies, conventional or something in between? Unless these differences in …

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A global problem

Cyberspace threats demand an international approach

In the summer of 2008, the nation of Georgia was attacked by hackers, presumably from Russia. The media speculated it was the first “cyberwar” because the …

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Essay: Dumb-dumb bullets

By T.X. Hammes

As a decision-making aid, PowerPoint is a poor tool

Every year, the services spend millions of dollars teaching our people how to think. We invest in everything from war …

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