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A deterrence we need

Why nuclear disarmament is an unwise promise

Claiming freedom from the ideologically driven policies of the recent past, the Obama administration has promised a “new pragmatic approach” to everything from the economy …

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Going soft

How can any nation cost-effectively battle jihadist networks in dozens of the most remote, austere and hazardous regions on Earth? How can any nation effectively intercede, deter or disrupt every credible jihadist …

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The Russian Navy revitalized

Moscow will use sea power in its quest for greater world influence

he Russian Navy today is not nearly as powerful as its predecessor, the Soviet Navy, at the peak of its …

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Ask the corporals and captains

When former President George W. Bush unveiled his revised strategy for Iraq in January 2007, he adopted several proposals made by the Iraq Study Group (ISG) while discounting many others. For each …

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Keeping faith with troops and taxpayers

The U.S. needs a new grand strategy of restraint

n his first address before a joint session of Congress, President Barack Obama reaffirmed the nation’s commitment to its military men and women: …

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Transition strategy: A manual for all seasons

Military doctrine civilian leaders would be wise to read

Joint Publication 3-0 tells us that stability operations are those missions where, alone or with other agencies, the armed forces “maintain or re-establish …

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Answers on Afghanistan

President Barack Obama’s Afghanistan plan bears parallels with the Iraq surge plan — send more U.S. troops; push local government to take more responsibility and to crack down on corruption; drive a …

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Let’s make a deal

An industry-government partnership would foster stability

The hubris of legislators apparently knows no bounds. Here we are again on the fast road to acquisition reform, trying to fix the damage done by …

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