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Hotel fantasy

TO THE AIR FORCE for its fanciful notion of turning part of Eglin Air Force Base, Fla., into a beach resort hotel. (This is not a joke.) Eglin and Air Force Materiel …

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Destroyer daze

TO THE NAVY for not knowing what it wants. Trying to decipher where the Navy is headed with its new ship programs is increasingly a voyage into unclear waters. Last year, the …

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America’s economic decline

The U.S. has possessed the most powerful economy in the world for so long that no one can remember a time when America was not No. 1. The armed forces have been …

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Flashpoint: Mexican mayhem

Narcotics traffickers threaten Mexico and U.S.

Largely invisible to most Americans, just to the south, the security situation is worsening as a result of an intense conflict between the Mexican government and …

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Industry Pulse: Nukes rule

AIP vs. nuclear submarines: No contest

Even as the world waits with great anticipation to see if the new diplomatic approach of the Obama administration lessens tensions throughout the world, many governments …

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The damage done

The Bush administration discredited crucial strategic concepts

The quickest way to discredit a good idea is to execute it incompetently. Human nature will blame the idea along with those who botched it. …

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Goodbye Gitmo

TO PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA for ordering the closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison camp and all overseas CIA detention centers. Without question, this is the right thing to do for U.S. moral …

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Maligned and misunderstood

It’s not the EBO concept that’s wrong, but how it’s been applied

What happened to effects-based operations? Joint Forces Command chief Gen. James Mattis provided his perspective on the subject in an …

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Vets surge

To President Barack Obama for achieving almost the impossible by outlining an Iraq withdrawal plan that has widespread support. By acting cautiously and choosing a middle course, and by emphasizing U.S. success …

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Failure to launch

The first causality in the fiscal 2010 budget could be the U.S. missile defense program. Before shutting the door on missile defense funding, the new administration needs to consider three important mandates. …

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