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Defining lines of authority

Since the administration of President Dwight Eisenhower, newly appointed American ambassadors have been given a presidential letter outlining their authority over U.S. government programs and personnel in the country to which they …

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Live on, EBO

I agree with Gene Myers’ assertion that killing the effects-based operations construct is a mistake [“Don’t kill EBO,” November].

While serving as an officer on the U.S. Pacific Command staff in 2003, …

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A balancing act

The shortfall of nuclear-powered attack submarines can be mitigated with conventional subs

U.S. nuclear-powered attack submarines (SSNs) are key elements of the Navy’s striking power. They were critical during the Cold War …

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The military diplomat

At the tip of the spear of the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Army Special Forces Maj. James Gavrilis found himself forced to rely on “common sense, the trust of Iraqis and …

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Who’s in charge ?

Every American ambassador carries a letter establishing his or her authority over all U.S. government programs and individuals in the accredited country — except those under authority of a combatant commander. On …

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Forum pick: From our online discussion boards

One of the lessons of Iraq is that ‘the surge’ appears to be successful and may be replicated (I hope) in Afghanistan. Nevertheless, we should always look for a less costly way. …

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Fighting piracy

International coordination is key to countering modern-day freebooters

Maritime piracy is experiencing a renaissance not seen since the period of the Barbary pirates. Last year, 111 ships were attacked off the dangerous …

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Europe steps up piracy controls

The European Union launched its first naval operation to combat piracy off the Somali coast, dubbed “Operation Atalanta,” on Dec 8. Its one-year mission is to “take the necessary measures, including the …

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Strike now

Next Generation Long Range Strike system provides strategic options

Following the Defense Department’s decision in 2006 to accelerate the Next Generation Long Range Strike (NGLRS) system, design and development is poised to …

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Transition strategy: Daunting times

Defense challenges for the Obama administration

If he needed a memory jogger, the latest round of Israeli-Palestinian fighting is sure to remind President Barack Obama that he is inheriting myriad national security …

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