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No ticket home

TO EXECS AT ATA AIRLINES, for pulling the plug on military transport operations without regard for troops left stranded in Kuwait. When ATA ceased operations within 24 hours of filing for bankruptcy …

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A manly Air Force

While the Air Force fleet is aging, manpower is being cut and I see pilots leaving active duty in alarming num¬bers, she’s worried about using the word “wingman.” Using that word does …

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Endorsing debate

TO DEFENSE SECRETARY ROBERT GATES, who, in his lecture to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point on April 21, endorsed the Army’s open mindedness in permitting officers to publish critiques of …

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Good advice

Hybrid warfare demands an indirect approach

ROBERT KILLEBREW served more than 30 years in the Army |and is a former Army War College instructor.

Recent discussions about military advisers and advising allied …

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The war we have

Soldiers argue merits of surge and counterinsurgency doctrine

The appointments of Gens. David Petraeus and Raymond Odierno to the head of Central Command and of Multi-National Force-Iraq, respectively, send one clear message: …

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In this issue

Viewed through the looking glass of history, there has been a curious shift in the relationship between American presidents and their wartime generals: The former no longer fire the latter.

It may …

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From red to green

The rise of jihadism in Russia

When studying the rise of global jihadism, one often sees the term “Islamofascism.” This label is not very workable and emerges not so much as an …

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