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Slow change

CAPT. JAMES ALDEN’S PERSPECTIVES ARTICLE, WHILE INTERESTING, WAS ALSO DISTURBING ON MANY LEVELS [“Eyes wide shut,” March]. While I concede that the Army’s process of change is handicapped, I do not think …

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The rebirth of the Outback Air Force

The U.S. Air Force, which has built partnerships with the air forces of developed countries, is now forging links with those of less-developed countries. The service has added air force leaders of …

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Mine blindness

The Navy must reassess its shortsighted approach to mine warfare

In discussing the problems of mine warfare and the Navy, too much of the focus is on the technology and tactics of …

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After-action review

THERE IS GENERAL AGREEMENT THAT WHILE THE INITIAL BLITZKRIEG WAS SATISFACTORY, in its post-hostilities phase Iraq was the worst-planned U.S. military operation in American history. Although we are now climbing back from …

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Iran and the nuclear nightmare

Is Iran covertly developing atomic weapons in defiance of international constraints, and is it playing fast and loose with the facts as it rationalizes its nuclear activities? The Dec. 3 National Intelligence …

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