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Two decades of decay

The Air Force begins its sixth decade in circumstances that aviators elsewhere might consider enviable: unrivaled for global air dominance. But that is not the way Air Force leaders view their situation. …

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Eating soup with a spoon

Missing from the new COIN manual’s pages is the imperative to fight

The Army’s new manual on counterinsurgency operations (COIN), in many respects, is a superb piece of doctrinal writing. The manual, …

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The LCS serves too many masters with too many roles

The Littoral Combat Ship is most appealing because of its sophisticated transformational capabilities — as envi¬sioned, it is a unique capability addition …

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The Air Force at 60

At the B-52’s rollout ceremony in 1954, then-Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Nathan Twining described it as the long rifle of the air age. It was natural for Twining, an infantryman …

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The KC-X opportunity

Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. T. Michael Moseley often describes the "soul" of the Air Force as range and payload. Secretary of the Air Force Michael Wynne adds that he would …

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Old soldiers

As a mobilized Army Reserve officer with 34-plus years in uniform, including 21 years active, I’m doing everything I can to stay in uniform. I think in July 2008 I may be …

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Wartime contracting

TO SENS. JIM WEBB AND CLAIRE MCCASKILL for introducing a bill that would lead to an investigation of wartime contracting. The freshmen Democrats want to establish an independent, bipartisan commission to study …

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From our discussion boards

I’m with you, Ralph. When we retire, we Oxen are often congratulated for having devoted a lifetime of service to the country. That’s only half of the story, for there is still …

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America’s brittle space systems

In his 2004 book "Air Power," Stephen Budiansky considers the evolution of modern air power through Vietnam, the Persian Gulf War, Afghanistan and Iraq, and judges that "making full use of the …

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