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Following the Strykers

Milbloggers observe Baqubah campaign from different viewpoints

On the night of June 18 and the early morning of June 19, U.S. and Iraqi forces launched Operation Arrowhead Ripper in Iraq’s Diyala province. …

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Peril at sea

America’s maritime strategy amounts to neglect

Great maritime powers that forget their oceanic roots or allow themselves to be unduly distracted by continental affairs pay a high cost. We are a maritime …

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Do the right thing

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What’s America’s grand plan?

Earlier this year, Seth Cropsey, a regular contributor to AFJ and a former deputy undersecretary of the Navy, set in motion a round table discussion via e-mail with the question: Does America …

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Flashpoint: Russia resurgent

The bear is back

Both Moscow and Washington insist one Cold War was enough. But considering the chilly rhetorical winds blowing back and forth between the two capitals recently, it appears at …

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To the House of Representatives

For its latest vote to pull most U.S. combat troops out of Iraq by April. The new legislation — the third attempt to quit Iraq — calls for the Pentagon to begin …

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In this issue

The timeliness of content in this issue of AFJ underscores the monthly magazine’s role: to distill fleeting headlines into thoughtful analysis.

From Pete Brooke’s Flashpoint column, which questions Vladimir Putin’s true motives, …

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Culture battle.

Selective use of history should not be used to justify the status quo

The Army, like all military organizations, is defined by its culture, and the culture is defined by the history. …

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