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Flashpoint: Peril in Pakistan

Mountainous border with Afghanistan provides haven for the Taliban

In the global struggle against Islamic extremism and terrorism, Pakistan may be the most important country most Americans don’t know is important. That …

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‘Up or out’ folly

I read my first copy of AFJ while waiting to speak to my Area Support Group commander. The articles “Growing the Army,” “Rightsized Army” and “Transformation reality check” all presented keen insight …

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Shootdown solution

Although counterintuitive to helicopter pilots, flying high may be the best protection against shootdowns

Helicopter pilots flying in the lethal environment of Iraq are faced with a dilemma — one that may …

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I understand there’s a bunch of busy people in here that need to get — have suspenses and timelines, as well as meetings, and I can count myself among one of those.”

TV dramas do suspense. Journalists have deadlines.

Send nonword nomination to Jack Wittman at …

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The maritime strategy we need

Strategy formulation requires an in-depth assessment of history, theory, future capabilities and threats, national policy, and the realities of international relations. Analyses of the post-Cold War American experience reveal trends relevant to …

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Evolving doctrine

While I’m reluctant to too forcefully jump on a captain’s good ideas, since Capt. James Alden has taken the time to put his thoughts on paper, I really think he has taken …

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In this issue

Nap-of-the-earth flying is exciting. But while it undoubtedly adds to the attraction, adrenaline kick is not why helicopter pilots have a predisposition for hugging the terrain. Flying low is taught and practiced …

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for telling the Army and Marine Corps to quit assigning Air Force people to jobs for which they are not trained. Having seen more than 20,000 airmen assigned to “in lieu of” …

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Rebuilding America’s image

Looking beyond the debacle in Iraq

Is there a responsible and wise American leader who could plan or even seriously contemplate whither this nation should head after Iraq? Should America focus on …

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Hill how-to

Step-by-step instructions for winning defense dollars

Whether you are an experienced government relations pro or new to the business, if you want to understand the process for getting funding for defense programs, …

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