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Create a U.S. foreign legion

America is a land of immigrants. Their spirit of resolve, adventure, hard work and devotion to an idea bigger than themselves has made this country great. Whatever one thinks of the immigration …

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Which finds itself in a new fight for new aircraft, this time for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Yet the Air Force shows no sign of considering the compromise that might help …

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Eyes wide shut

Rigid doctrine and a legacy structure make the Army slow to adapt

Many military professionals and politicians have come to believe that the threats facing the U.S. Army in Iraq and Afghanistan …

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Spending greenbacks to entice Leathernecks

The Marine Corps admits it’s going to take more than a poster campaign to meet its goal of growing its end strength from just under 180,000 leathernecks to 202,000 over the next …

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The right-sized Army

The number of soldiers in the U.S. Army, both active and reserve, will continue to be a critical determinant of America’s ability to win future wars and, above all, the peaces that …

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We will not be able to get into any issues that are predecisional.”

Send nonword nominations to Jack Wittman at …

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Pacific arms race

Why Asia is where the JSF matters most

The conclusion of a second memorandum of understanding on the Joint Strike Fighter in December opened the door for the JSF to progress from …

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Growing the Army

Administration proposals for end-strength increases for the Army and Marine Corps were welcome, if overdue, news for a force that is at its smallest size since the mid-1990s and that is fighting …

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Old paradigms in new bottles

A strategy for fighting ‘amongst the people’

For more than a decade, since Martin van Creveld’s “The Transformation of War” was published in 1991, the security community has been besieged with reconceptualizations …

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Endurance test

U.S. has track record of outlasting enemies in long wars

It is the conceit of American political, military and academic elites, especially those angered by the policies of President Bush and the …

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