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Rebels and religion

How fighters become fanatics

How long will you sleep? How long until you wake up to Allah’s will? Rise up and fight Allah’s fight! The time is now! The evil-doers must pay …

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Change of guard

Donald Rumsfeld’s greatest strengths — his self-confidence, insistence on efficiency, faith in technology and problem-solving practicality — were equally his weaknesses. These are also the strengths and weaknesses of the American way …

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The NCW illusion

Proponents of network-centric warfare (NCW) envision the future war as fought by small, geographically dispersed and highly deployable forces operating offensively, in parallel and simultaneously, and on a noncontiguous battlefield. They assert …

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In this issue

History constantly reminds that in warfare, almost nothing is genuinely new, and lessons learned from centuries past are as valid as those garnered from today’s fight.

The newest must-read for modern military …

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Unconventional thinking

At a seminar on the subject of NATO and its further evolution, the basic premise was that the global situation had changed significantly and NATO must adjust if we are to succeed …

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Freeing bolts and gear knobs

Industry hopes new Congress will untie some export-restriction knots

Used to be that Aerospace Industries Association president John Douglass carried around a metal bracket and a length of hydraulic hose. When it …

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Challenging the technocrats

How U.S. strategists lost sight of the purpose of war

For far too long, American military planners and civilian policymakers have imagined future military capabilities through rose-colored glasses. In the 1990s, the …

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The indirect approach

When it comes to winning small wars, air power is more than putting steel on target. Air Force strategic thinking continues to be grounded in a theory of strategic attack that fails …

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Homer’s Greek epic offers leadership lessons for modern warriors

It is 10 years since the Greek coalition fought their way on to Troy’s wide beaches — longer than anyone expected — and still both sides persist. Just when one side seems …

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Why did Donald Rumsfeld fail?

The man hired to transform the Pentagon could not change himself

Perhaps no secretary of defense has been better qualified. This was Donald Rumsfeld’s second tour of duty in the Pentagon. He …

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