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Why doctrine matters and how to fix it

Not too long ago a bright war college student said to his instructor, “I know all this Clausewitz stuff is important, but I’m going to the Army Staff and what I really …

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Air power’s lost lessons

The period between the first and second world wars served as the formative years for the development of American military aviation and air power theory. The practical application of air power during …

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For their empty response to Washington’s call for more troops in Afghanistan. An urgent meeting at the alliance’s headquarters in Brussels attempted to drum up 2,500 extra troops in southern Afghanistan. The …

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For crafting a thoughtful alternative bill to the White House plan for new legislation on how to treat and prosecute terror suspects.

The Supreme Court established in June that Common Article 3 …

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Revenge of the staff weenie

Mining the military bureaucracy for nuggets of humor

If patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, the long history of military humor proves that satire may well be the last refuge …

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New rules for new enemies

We put an Army on the battlefield that I had been a part of for 37 years. It doesn’t have any doctrine, nor was it educated and trained, to deal with an …

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In this issue

Is doctrine too rigid for the adaptive thinking needed to win the war we fight today, or did decades of relative peace cause us to drift from war-fighting fundamentals? This debate over …

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For dissolving its Office of Force Transformation. OFT’s lofty and sometimes intangible mission certainly had its critics and naysayers. But the vision it was charged with creating and promoting provided the Defense …

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From the ground up

Air Force Maj. Gen. Charles Dunlap’s essay on air power, “America’s asymmetric advantage,” in the September AFJ was a blast from the past — a throwback to the days before Goldwater-Nichols, when …

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The spec ops stretch

Expansion plans leave many in Army Special Forces uneasy

The impending expansion of Army special operations forces laid out in this year’s Quadrennial Defense Review is spreading waves of unease throughout the …

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