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To the U.S. Supreme Court

For its ruling in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, limiting presidential powers to place detainees at the Guantanamo facility before military tribunals. The central issue in the matter is not the treatment of the …

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To William Marshall

Of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Marshall wrote an op-ed in the July 5 Washington Post complaining about “weapons in space.” Not only was his timing poor — the article ran the …

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The fleet we need

A look at alternative — and affordable — futures for the U.S. Navy

We require for the guidance of our naval policy ? something of a wider vision than the current conception …

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By the winter of 2003-04, the Marine Corps was ordered to head back to Iraq to lend a hand. Its units would replace the Army in one of the toughest parts of …

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Driven to print

Milbloggers find refuge — and preservation — in books

One of the most striking features of military blogs is their short life spans. As many of the best milbloggers return from combat …

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