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In search of harmony

Orchestrating ‘The Interagency’ for the long war

Inside the Capitol Beltway, and particularly inside the Pentagon, if you really want to sound smart, you talk about “The Interagency.” It’s not an arm …

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Mind the gap

Hadithah and civil-military relations

The alleged massacre of civilians by U.S. Marines in Hadithah, Iraq, touched off a firestorm of accusations in the American press and body politic. Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., …

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Rumsfeld and the Generals

It surprises and alarms me that ongoing criticism of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld from several retired generals has not elicited deeper introspection by our president and Congress [“Rummy and his generals,” June]. …

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The global dragon

China’s new strategy: Making friends, creating enemies

When Chinese Premier Deng Xiaoping unleashed economic reforms in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) almost 30 years ago, no one imagined the effect it …

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The pilots that I talked to have gained a tremendous appreciation for the fightability and survivability of the Apache.”

If there were a hall of fame for weapons encomiums, it would probably include Stalin’s “Artillery is the god of war” and Napoleon’s “Without cavalry, battles are without result.” Gen. Wallace’s mouthful, …

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Why Clausewitz had it backward

Even those who have never read a line written by Carl von Clausewitz, the Prussian military philosopher, accept as truth his dictum that “War is simply a continuation of policy with other …

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To the U.S. Senate

For insisting that funding for Iraq, Afghanistan and other requirements of the Long War be included in normal budgets rather than through “emergency” supplemental appropriations. The measure, an amendment offered by Sen. …

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Knowing where to stop

An examination of what should be expected from military intervention

IN 1864, Prince Alexander Mikhailovich Gorchakov, imperial chancellor and foreign minister to Czar Alexander II, dispatched a circular to Moscow’s embassies abroad. …

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Submit your own

Think the latest strategy out of the Pentagon is a big mistake? Believe the latest QDR is an ideal blueprint for dealing with future strategic troubles? Whatever kudos or critiques you have …

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In this issue

Debates about the nature of war may seem the most academic and fruitless kinds of arguments, particularly in an actual time of war. It’s as though, needing to fix a broken car, …

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