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Six reasons why the QDR wont matter

Considering how much effort went into its preparation, the Quadrennial Defense Review report sent to Capitol Hill on Feb. 6 is a surprisingly modest document. …

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Monitoring China’s meddling

American strategists have, since the end of the Cold War, been a day late and a dollar short in appreciating the change in relations with the People’s Republic of China. The first …

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Beyond the 3-block war

Traditional amphibious warfare remains the focus of Marine Corps planning and drives its spending priorities. But the service is more likely to engage in stability operations, says Max Boot, and should re-embrace …

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British and Canadian troops are rostered to carry the bulk of the mission.

A loyal reader caught AFJ in a non-word red-handedness. In military use, rostered shows up from time to time as “battle-rostered”; that is, troops listed as ready for combat or assigned to …

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Transformation bashing

As part of the media fuss over the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR), critics of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld have taken the opportunity to once again snipe at the concept of transformation, as …

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Rescue mission

The Pave Hawk helicopter has been a life-saver, but it’s no longer up to the job

The Air Force combat search-and-rescue (CSAR) force is reaching a critical juncture as the HH-60G Pave …

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How Marines are preparing for hybrid wars

British historian Michael Howard observed long ago that during extended eras of peace, military planners are like sailors. He meant true sailors, those who use sextants and abhor the Global Positioning System. …

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Two out of three ain’t enough

In the November issue of AFJ, my first as editor, I promised that I would try to refrain from self-referential columns. I now have to grant myself a waiver from that pledge …

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Memoir’s of a president’s man

“I would be the only paramount authority figure — other than dictator Saddam Hussein — that most Iraqis had ever known.”

So reflected L. Paul Bremer as an Air Force C-130 began …

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