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Assessing the surge

U.S. commanders with whom I spoke in Anbar province in August were worried — worried that their Marines would get bored in the absence of combat action. Enlisted Marines on return tours …

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Instructor call-up

I would like to add to Ralph Peters’ proposal [“The Geezer Brigade,” July] by sug¬gesting an additional route for voluntary call up, namely drawing on the individ¬ual resources base. The active military …

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The immorality of leaving Iraq

That Americans are irritated and frustrated by the war in Iraq is clear. What is less clear is what voters want to do about it. If President Bush could convince people that …

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The Army after Bush

George W. Bush’s 2000 election campaign promise to the military was “help is on the way.” But a prickly White House-Pentagon relationship and a war in which the civilian leadership too often …

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In his testi¬mony to the House Armed Services Committee in early September, Walker repeatedly stressed that the Government Accountability Office’s assessment of the Iraqi govern¬ment’s progress was “the only inde¬pendent and professional …

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Flashpoint: Hamas haven

Under a green flag, Gaza could be a rallying point for Islamic extremists

From Lebanon’s refugee camps to Iraq’s desert sands to Pakistan’s mountainous tribal areas, Islamic extremism is on the march …

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The case for cannons

Success in current operations, new technology keep artillery in the fight

In May, soldiers from the Army’s 1st Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery Regiment, fired two XM982 Excalibur precision-guided, extended-range 155mm artillery rounds …

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Maintaining American influence

From the day the Iraqi insurgency began until today’s “surge” strategy, the U.S.-led war in Iraq has followed an entirely predictable course. Absent making Iraq the 51st state, it has been pretty …

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