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Pipeline politics in Syria

A gas pumping station in Georgia near the Turkish border. The author argues that the tensions surrounding the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline shed light on the Syrian conflict. (Photo: Robert Thomson)

You can’t understand the conflict without talking about natural gas

By Maj. Rob Taylor

Much of the media coverage suggests that the conflict in Syria is a civil war, in which the …

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U.S., unexceptional? | Dempsey on Syria | Generals & politics

Are we moving into a “post-American” world? Oxford prof and Hoover fellow Timothy Garton Ash writes in the L.A. Times, “Maybe after some years spent putting its own house in order, it …

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Cyber war debate | Joint force C2 | AFRICOM to U.S.?

On Monday, Brookings hosted a great panel around Thomas Rid’s “Cyber War Will Not Take Place.” Here’s BreakingDefense’s writeup, here’s Brookings’ uncorrected transcript, and here’s the audio recording in podcast form.

Brit …

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Scales on Syria | Tell a story | General-speak

In the Washington Post, retired Army MG Robert Scales says U.S. military leaders don’t support strikes on Syria. offers its roundup of the best think tank reports on Syria.

“Strategic messaging” …

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CRS on Syria | Defining ‘war’ | Army humans

Here’s the Congressional Research Service’s Sept. 3 take on Syria. (The map on p.34 shows the ranges of various rockets and missiles if launched by Hezbollah or “Gaza-based militants.”)

Two pieces take …

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No-show drones | Syrian hackers | ASB’s main flaw

Writing at Foreign Affairs, Audrey Kurth Cronin explores what it mean that drones, a new linchpin of U.S. power projection, “have been virtually useless in the last two conflicts that the United …

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Syrian hearing | Broken things | Another Mideast trouble spot

Syria’s the main event today, but there’s still plenty of other things to fix. Here’s Rachel Kleinfeld on three other things that could use some attention.

And while we’re mulling the Middle …

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AFJ turns 150 | Land power | Hits and flops

AFJ turns 150 | Land power | Hits and flops

The first issue of the Army and Navy Journal: Aug. 29, 1863

AFJ’s July/August 2013 issue, marking a century and a half of publication

At the risk of immodesty, we say a happy 150th …

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