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Cut, stretch, and protect: Building the future armed forces

USAF Capt. Brad Matherne conducts preflight checks inside an F-35A Lightning II before a training mission April 4 at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev. (USAF)

By Joseph J. Collins

Despite recent relief, a trillion dollars of defense budget cuts in the next decade will demand “new” or at least different ways to accomplish old tasks. A recent …

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Judge raps NSA | Top 100 influencers | Terror stats

A U.S. District Court judge finds that the NSA’ phone metadata gathering appears to violate the Fourth Amendment prohibition on unreasonable searches and seizures. (Politico)

Defense News has a list of the …

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No China strategy | Framing the NSS | ADIZ and int’l norms

Four experts told a House hearing on China’s growing seapower yesterday that no real strategy exists to deal with Beijing’s increasing assertiveness in the western Pacific, Chris Cavas reports. (Defense News)

Meanwhile, …

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Art of the possible | WOTR picks winners | AirSea Battle must-reads

The Pentagon is taking a hard look at the size of its future force, Defense News reports: DepSecDef Ash Carter is leading a “base force” review, the first since the early 1990s. …

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It’s all pinpricks | AirSea Battle, defined | From stupid to dangerous

It’s all pinpricks | AirSea Battle, defined | From stupid to dangerous

MQ-1B Predator (USAF photo)

Remember President Obama’s “We don’t do pinpricks” speech? Lionel Beehner begs to differ. And, he says, “countries across the globe are beginning to mirror the United States by …

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Post-Western strategy | How to tackle the QDR | NSA’s conflicting missions

This piece by Robert A. Manning is a bit longer than the ones we usually link to, and more generally about global problem-solving than military action. Yet “U.S. Planning in a Post-Western …

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DoD & the shutdown | Too big to manage | Navy’s missing strategy

Welcome to the shutdown. In case you missed it, here’s a look at how the military is to respond. (Defense News, Andrew Tilghman)

Meanwhile, the world keeps spinning. @FAScientists tweets: “To fix …

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Sino-U.S. space | SCMR frames choices | NSA locks down

The Stimson Center’s Michael Krepon introduces a collection of essays about ways the U.S. and China will cooperate and collide in space. (Defense One)

Here’s a quick piece by Frank Hoffman: the …

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Strategy: art, not science | Fiddler-crab effect | Fixing amphib warfare

Strategy isn’t a lost art — we’ve just forgotten that it was never a science, argues Antulio Echevarria at the Strategic Studies Institute. There’s a response from @zenpundit here. (Via @aelkus)

Why …

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