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Pipeline politics in Syria

A gas pumping station in Georgia near the Turkish border. The author argues that the tensions surrounding the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline shed light on the Syrian conflict. (Photo: Robert Thomson)

You can’t understand the conflict without talking about natural gas

By Maj. Rob Taylor

Much of the media coverage suggests that the conflict in Syria is a civil war, in which the …

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Iranian deal | China’s tailored coersion | Still ‘Eating us alive’?

The weekend’s big news was the late-night negotiations that led to a six-month deal that, essentially, relaxes sanctions on Iran in exchange for a six-month moratorium on uranium enrichment. The deal drew …

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Low-key Pentagon | Obama vs. the generals | Fun with lightsabers?

Happy Friday! After more than a dozen years of the U.S. military taking very active — and often highly controversial — roles around the world, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel thinks it’s time …

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Asian bases save the day | Haqqani shooting reverberates | Iran playing us?

It’s no secret that Asian nations often have mixed feelings — and that’s putting it kindly — about the presence of US military bases on their territory, Dan Lamothe writes. But when …

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1979: Saudis top U.S. arms-sales lists

In 1978, the U.S. agreed to sell F-15s to Saudi Arabia.(USAF photo)

From the archive: October 1979

Editor’s note: The “change in Iranian government” mentioned below was, of course, the Ruhollah Khomeini-led revolution that ejected the U.S.-backed Shah Reza Pahlavi.

Saudis Now Biggest U.S.

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