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Rewrite the AUMF | No split for NSA/CYBERCOM | Better mobile tools

Charles E. Berger says it’s time to rewrite the AUMF. (National Interest)

The White House rejects the arguments for un-dual-hatting NSA and CYBERCOM, at least for now. (Washington Post)

Sea change at …

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Global experiment | Shutter ONA? | Year of the Carrier

Dan Drezner has a great post bringing together much of the world’s reaction to the GOP-engineered shutdown/debt-ceiling fight. We are, he argues, about to see “whether incipient U.S. rivals will start making …

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Competing COINs | Abandoning AUMF? | Reviewing Kilcullen

John Amble discerns two oft-competing strands of COIN in U.S. counter-terrorism efforts, and says one is much more effective than the other. (War On The Rocks)

Obama’s ASD SOLIC nominee says the …

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End CoComs | AQ version 3.0 | Did Fox exaggerate?

Cato’s Benjamin H. Friedman and MIT professor emeritus Harvey M. Sapolsky take note of a proposal to trim the number of DoD combatant commands from six to four — and argue that’s …

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