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Cut, stretch, and protect: Building the future armed forces

USAF Capt. Brad Matherne conducts preflight checks inside an F-35A Lightning II before a training mission April 4 at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev. (USAF)

By Joseph J. Collins

Despite recent relief, a trillion dollars of defense budget cuts in the next decade will demand “new” or at least different ways to accomplish old tasks. A recent …

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Budget deal | More might, less cost | AirSea Battle & ADIZ

Gordon Adams on the Murray-Ryan budget deal: “But let’s get real: $498 billion is a pretty good deal in a world where threats to the United States are low, terror attacks are …

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Cuts Make Military More Strategic? | A Near Casualty of the Shutdown | Mountain Combat

Could defense cuts actually help the US military by improving strategy? Melvyn Leffler argues as much, saying that the cuts are focusing military planners on important strategic decisions and forcing them to …

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Hagel’s plan | UAVs stay with CIA | Building Libya’s military

Yesterday Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel laid out his plan for how to manage the Defense Department through the downturn, including six points largely focused on force sizing and the touchy subject of …

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Navy’s ‘wasted year’ | Buy fewer UAVs | Sequestration woes

At Information Dissemination, Galhran sounds the alarm bell on rifts in the Navy’s leadership: “It is shocking how much of a wasted year this has been for the Navy to make a …

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