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Shutdown costs, estimated | UK military, austerianized | Cyberwar, reframed

Shutdown costs, estimated | UK military, austerianized | Cyberwar, reframed


CSBA’s Todd Harrison takes a crack at quantifying what we all know in “Shutdown Could Cost DoD Billions of Dollars” (Marcus Weisgerber, Defense News) “It’s not that it’s immediate. It won’t …

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1962: Ruggedized computing

The Librascope L-2010. (Photo taken from a 1963 survey of computing devices for Aberdeen Proving Grounds.)

From the archive: October 13, 1962

Portable Computer Figures At AUSA

A small, high-capacity, generalpurpose digital computer for use in a wide range of rugged military applications was introduced by General Precision’s …

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1870: Negotiations in Indian country

Chief Red Cloud (seated, second from left), Young Man Afraid Of His Horse (standing, second from left), and other Native Americans in a photo dated between 1860 and 1880.

From the archive: October 1870

Editor’s note: These talks, held at Fort Laramie in the first week of October 1870, followed the 1868 treaty that ended the two-year Red Cloud’s War.

Secretary …

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Competing COINs | Abandoning AUMF? | Reviewing Kilcullen

John Amble discerns two oft-competing strands of COIN in U.S. counter-terrorism efforts, and says one is much more effective than the other. (War On The Rocks)

Obama’s ASD SOLIC nominee says the …

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9-star interview | Cyberwar analog | Black Hawk Down, revisited

Nine Stars and a Sergeant Major: Marine Corps Times’ Dan Lamothe travels to Quantico for a rather amazing interview in the wake of the Corps’ General Officer Symposium. Sample: Lt. Gen. John… Read more ›

Post-Western strategy | How to tackle the QDR | NSA’s conflicting missions

This piece by Robert A. Manning is a bit longer than the ones we usually link to, and more generally about global problem-solving than military action. Yet “U.S. Planning in a Post-Western …

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5 questions | Enemy drones | Yom Kippur War games

Frank Hoffman, broadening his recent consideration of naval lessons from World War II, sets out five questions on future war in the Pacific. Here’s the first: “What set of capabilities are best …

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Pivot falters | Instant classic | Afghan milestone

Asia Pivot Watch: The Atlantic wants to know: “Are We Pivoting to Africa Rather Than Asia?” Meanwhile, Reuters writes, “As Obama’s Asia ‘pivot’ falters, China steps into the gap.”

Mark Stout calls …

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1962: Double the fleet!

The guided-missile frigate USS Dale is readied for launching at Camden, N.J., in 1962.

From the archive: October 6, 1962

Shipbuilding Program Must Be Doubled

Navy shipbuilding programs must be doubled if the U.S. Fleet is to maintain present strength and carry out assigned roles in …

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1870: Lower the flag, consul

Kalama, Queen Consort of Kamehameha III, 1817-1870.

From the archive: ca. 5 October 1870

The daily papers publish a dispatch from San Francisco which states, on the authority of some anonymous correspondent at Honolulu, that Commander [William T.] Truxton, of the sloop-of-war Jamestown, requested Consul [Thomas] …

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