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Essay: The war of new words

Why military history trumps buzzwords

War isn’t just transforming — it’s ushering in a whole new language to describe conflict, and this language is used in a way that pays little attention …

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In this issue

As the U.S. draws down its footprint in Iraq, its presence in and focus on Afghanistan increases regardless of a definitive decision by the commander in chief on troop numbers and how …

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Agonizing over Afghanistan

Ten weeks into his presidency, Barack Obama announced his “comprehensive strategy” for Afghanistan.

The president emphasized that the future of Afghanistan was inextricably linked with that of Pakistan, and that in turn …

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Manning overboard

TO THE NAVY for a lean manning policy that appears to have gone too far. Efficiency is good in any large organization, but a Naval Inspector General’s report following a visit to …

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Blue goes green

TO NAVY SECRETARY RAY MABUS for his commitment to develop by 2012 a plan for a “green” carrier strike group that can be deployed by 2016.

All U.S. aircraft carriers and submarines …

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