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The Air Force’s ‘Big Five’

During the Reagan military buildup of the 1980s, the Army made impressive progress in its modernization efforts by identifying its five most important new programs, and never missing an opportunity to highlight …

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To the Taiwanese legislature’s defense committee

For voting down funds to purchase Patriot PAC-III missile defense systems and P-3C Orion submarine-hunting aircraft. The Legislative Yuan, controlled by Taiwan’s long-time ruling party — but now opposition party — the …

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Write at your own risk

Ralph Peters believes that senior Army leadership encourages written criticism from its junior leaders (“Fighting and writing,” October). I wonder what Army he served in. The small numbers of junior officers who …

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Know your enemy

Al-Qaida’s leaders and their strategy

As the “war against Islamic radicalism” — President Bush’s new designation for what used to be the war on terrorism — enters its fourth year, it is …

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To Sen. John McCain

Even before the president spoke out, the senator from Arizona helped to slow the rush of public opinion toward retreat from Iraq. Whatever effect the senator’s speeches and press appearances ultimately have …

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