Leaving Afghanistan

Lessons from the last time a superpower departed

Lt. Col. Shane A. Smith

Is Afghanistan’s government doomed to fall soon after most NATO forces leave in 2014, as many in the government, …

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Weak Words

To the Air Force for not yet getting it about sexual assault.

It would be easy enough to dock the air service for managing to appoint an officer to run its sexual-assault …

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How not to build a Total Force

Why the Army doesn’t need a reserve affairs functional area

In the April issue of Armed Forces Journal, Col. Paul Shelton suggests that the Army create a reserve affairs functional area. These …

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Editor’s note: Managing smarter

Volumes have been written, including plenty of pieces in this magazine, on the need to overhaul the way the military manages its people — to transform a system designed for the Industrial …

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Army Total Force

I read Col. Paul Shelton’s article on the creation of an Army reserve affairs functional area with a great deal of interest [“Reserve affairs,” April]. As a full-time Army National Guard officer …

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Print when ready, Gridley

3-D printing will streamline the Navy’s supply chain — and much more

Lt. Cmdr. Michael Llenza

Three-dimensional printing, a fast-moving technology that is still in its infancy, promises to upend the way …

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Conundrum in the Sahel

From strategy to teamwork, the U.S. must do better

With America’s war in Iraq officially over and the one in Afghanistan drawing to a close, U.S. strategists must resist the temptation to …

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Rebuilding defense around SOF

Norway’s smart move to put special operations front and center

Last year, Norway pulled its special-operations units from their various armed services and used them to create Norwegian Special Operations Command. The …

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EMCON redux

To the U.S. Navy for resurrecting the lost art of EMCON.

April was a big month in naval electromagnetic-spectrum news. First, the Navy released video of a shipboard laser shooting down a …

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The pit and the pendulum

Civil-military relations in an age of austerity

In Edgar AllAn Poe’s short story “The Pit and the Pendulum,” an unnamed protagonist avoids a fatal fall only to find himself in deadly danger …

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