Editor’s note: The next 150 years

Editor’s note: The next 150 years

AFJ marked 150 years of publication in August 2013.

With this issue, we celebrate 150 years of continuous publication of Armed Forces Journal and lay out the path ahead.

It is fair …

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Global horizons

The Air Force’s science and technology vision for a complex future

Demographic, technological and military trends will make the global domains in which the Air Force operates increasingly complex, competitive, congested and …

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Integrating military health care

In your June issue, Col. (Dr.) Arthur Eisenbrey suggests that the Department of Defense tackle the issue of greater consolidation of military medical forces [“Unified medical command: An old idea whose time …

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Weak Words

To the Air Force for not yet getting it about sexual assault.

It would be easy enough to dock the air service for managing to appoint an officer to run its sexual-assault …

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How not to build a Total Force

Why the Army doesn’t need a reserve affairs functional area

In the April issue of Armed Forces Journal, Col. Paul Shelton suggests that the Army create a reserve affairs functional area. These …

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Editor’s note: Managing smarter

Volumes have been written, including plenty of pieces in this magazine, on the need to overhaul the way the military manages its people — to transform a system designed for the Industrial …

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Army Total Force

I read Col. Paul Shelton’s article on the creation of an Army reserve affairs functional area with a great deal of interest [“Reserve affairs,” April]. As a full-time Army National Guard officer …

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Lessons from Venice

What we can learn from the decline of a great maritime power

Unlike predecessor empires, the Venetian imperium did not stand on tribute wrested from subjugated lands. Theirs was built on sea …

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Fixing aviation intel

The Army must commit to proper training and manning

There are several reasons the Army might place particular emphasis on providing useful battlefield intelligence to its aviators.

Helicopters cost a lot to …

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Unified medical command: An old idea whose time has come

The idea of merging the uniformed medical corps of the U.S. military’s service branches has come under serious discussion “about every 20 years” since 1880, as Air Force Col. John Kirk wrote …

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