Purge the generals

What it will take to fix the Army

By Daniel L. Davis

The U.S. Army’s generals, as a group, have lost the ability to effectively function at the high level required of …

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Women and the Audie Murphy model

Combat fitness standards should promote coolness under fire over physical strength

In March, the commandant of the Marine Corps laid out his perspective on women’s potential service in the infantry. Quoted in …

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Beyond carriers

Rapid technological change sinks the case for big, costly platforms

The aircraft carrier is under attack — if not literally, then at least by defense thinkers who believe the Navy needs to …

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Lessons from Venice

What we can learn from the decline of a great maritime power

Unlike predecessor empires, the Venetian imperium did not stand on tribute wrested from subjugated lands. Theirs was built on sea …

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Fixing aviation intel

The Army must commit to proper training and manning

There are several reasons the Army might place particular emphasis on providing useful battlefield intelligence to its aviators.

Helicopters cost a lot to …

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Unified medical command: An old idea whose time has come

The idea of merging the uniformed medical corps of the U.S. military’s service branches has come under serious discussion “about every 20 years” since 1880, as Air Force Col. John Kirk wrote …

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End of the war on terrorism

Mixed results will test U.S. policies for years to come

The war on terrorism as we know it is coming to an end. For the United States, the big campaigns in Iraq …

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Rank partisanship

Why retired officers shouldn’t lend their titles to political causes

On April 8, a letter titled “The Benghazi attacks on 9/11/2012” and signed by “a representative group of some 700 retired Military …

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Aviation doctrine piñata

I am normally not one to speak up about an article written by a fellow aviator, but felt it necessary in this case. Maj. Lee Robinson’s article, “COIN in the air” [April] …

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In strategy, 2 out of 3 is bad

Proposed Army cuts go dangerously astray

In recent public remarks at the Brookings Institution and as detailed in their February paper, “National Defense in a Time of Change,” Retired Adm. Gary Roughead, …

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