Articles by: Bradley Peniston

How unready an Army? | A dangerous inconsistency | Fudging the numbers

When Gen. Odierno said he’d never seen the Army so unready in his 37 years of service, was he painting the picture too bleakly? Defense News’ Paul McLeary takes a look back, …

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1982: Too many air shows?

The F-16XL Fighting Falcon prototype aircraft drops bombs in a Sept. 12 demonstration at the 1982 Farnborough Air Show. (General Dynamics photo)

From the archive: September 1982

Editor’s note: If this wasn’t the first time the sentiment had been expressed, it certainly wasn’t the last.

Too Many Air Shows, Too Often?

Missing at Farnborough …

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Low-key Pentagon | Obama vs. the generals | Fun with lightsabers?

Happy Friday! After more than a dozen years of the U.S. military taking very active — and often highly controversial — roles around the world, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel thinks it’s time …

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Krusinski acquitted | Fat Leonard’s rap sheet | Failure in Abbottabad?

Air Force Lt. Col. Jeffrey Krusinski, who was accused of drunkenly groping a woman’s buttocks outside a bar, was found not guilty of assault and battery by an Arlington County, Va., jury …

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Inside the NSA | Hunting for Reactors | Spikes in China’s Army

Despite global focus on the National Security Agency, public knowledge of the agency continues to be shrouded in mystery. T.C. Sottek offers a clear-eyed look at what the NSA does – and

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Asian bases save the day | Haqqani shooting reverberates | Iran playing us?

It’s no secret that Asian nations often have mixed feelings — and that’s putting it kindly — about the presence of US military bases on their territory, Dan Lamothe writes. But when …

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Veterans’ Day thoughts

As we remember those who served and continue to serve, let’s think hard about when and why we go to war.…

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1948: Predicting the future of air warfare

In 1948, the USAF was flight-testing Northrop's YB-49, but the head of the company believes guided missiles would reign supreme within a dozen years. (U.S. Air Force photo)

From the archive: November 6, 1948

Editor’s note: Jack Northrop, who had founded his eponymous company in 1939, would go on to purchase an early manufacturer of drones in 1952.

Future Air …

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War with China? | A2/AD In the Pacific | Pentagon Warns the Hill

It’s no secret that US strategy in the Pacific is focused heavily on the possibility of a war with China. While neither country is looking for a fight, Scott Cheney-Peters argues that …

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Cuts Make Military More Strategic? | A Near Casualty of the Shutdown | Mountain Combat

Could defense cuts actually help the US military by improving strategy? Melvyn Leffler argues as much, saying that the cuts are focusing military planners on important strategic decisions and forcing them to …

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