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The quantified warrior

How DoD should lead human performance augmentation

A fifth-generation fighter takes more than 1,500 measurements a second over every conceivable aircraft parameter. Yet the most important part of the fighter, the pilot, …

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Life-saving training

To the Army, for taking years to start sending flight medics to paramedic school.

Twenty-six soldiers have just completed a course that is certain to save lives. They are the first of …

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Leader accountability

To Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, for ordering a formal review to determine “how to better foster a culture of stewardship among our most senior leadership.” The findings were due to the White …

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The COCOM map

Lt. Cmdr. David Coghlan’s article, “Redrawing the COCOM map” [October] makes a good case for the realignment of the current combatant command configuration and is worthy of consideration.

History is full of …

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