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Break the brass ceiling

It’s time a woman joined the Joint Chiefs of Staff

With the announcement that Adm. Jon Greenert, the vice chief of naval operations, will move up to become the chief of naval …

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Cyber yawn

To the Pentagon for its cyber defense strategy, which falls into the same trap where countless previous cyber policy documents have fallen, describing broad initiatives while avoiding specific solutions.

The Defense Department’s …

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On the eve of Afghanization

The war in Afghanistan is at an inflection point. The U.S., its coalition partners and the Afghan government have decided that, by December 2014, the Afghan armed forces will take the lead …

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Spin machine

Mountstuart Elphinstone, a British East India Company official, declared in 1809 about Afghanistan, “[a visitor] would find it difficult to comprehend how a nation could subsist in such disorder; and pity those …

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Return on investment

At the time NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan (NTM-A) stood up in November 2009, the security transition that began this July was not discussed. Instead, the focus was simply on reversing the negative growth …

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In this issue

The Lisbon Summit set dates for the Afghanistan handover: July begins the transition process; December 2014 is the stated end date.

With a bluntness that became a trademark during his tenure as …

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